My husband asked me what’s for dinner 30 minutes after I found out my mum died’

A woman has asked the Reddit thread ‘AITA’ if she was in the wrong for being angry at the insensitive episode

Finding out a loved one has passed away is never easy, which is why a woman has asked Reddit for some opinions on her husband’s unusual reaction.

After losing her mother to cancer, she found herself very angry with her partner’s lack of compassion and shared her experience on a Reddit AITA post (which stands for am I the a** hole?)

She explained: “I took part of her care and my husband helped a lot in the past few months. He loved mom, or so I thought.

“He help me take care of her at home, he’d visit daily when I stayed with her and he cleaned her yard, walked her dogs, handled her financial issues, brought her stuff she needed before she went to the hospital.”

At 6pm one evening, the woman sadly found out that her mother had passed away, she explained that her husband had got home 30 minutes later.

She continued: “He was resting on the couch in the living room when I came downstairs and my face was very telling but he didn’t notice somehow.

“He casually talked about how long and hard his day was and didn’t notice that I didn’t say a word.”

The woman explained that her mother had died about an hour ago, and his reaction was interesting to say the least.

After staring at the woman for a “good minute or so” he simply asked “so, what’s for dinner?”

The man then insisted that they had to eat first before he was to take her to the hospital.

She said: “I blew up at him and called him unbelievable for his response to the news of my mum’s death.

“He argued back talking about how he was working nonstop all day without having time to eat anything.

“Then basically talked about all the things he’s done for mum and how he owes nobody nothing.”

The man didn’t see an issue with his reaction and thought that his wife was “lashing out” and being “unfair” as she refused to speak to him and left.

She concluded: “I stayed with my sister after the funeral. He came to try to talk to me but I felt I wasn’t ready.

“My sister was confused saying no matter what his response was to the news, my husband doesn’t deserve this treatment from me after he helped out and I should just try to work it out with him but I told her to stay out of it.”

The woman asked the internet whether she was right in reacting this way, and it’s safe to say that the people were furious at the man.

One user responded: “The first thing he said wasn’t even ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘are you alright’.

“It was to ask you what you were going to make him for dinner…an hour after you learned your mother died.

“He didn’t even acknowledge her passing at all before he asked you for food.”

Another added: “Honest to god dude, this is not acceptable. The days after I lost my mom are a total blur but I know my husband kept me fed and watered and resting – not complaining about a long day or whatever.

“And my husband is not exactly Mr Emotional Intelligence.”