Interior designer says tinsel is out this Christmas as ‘sustainable’ decor is in

An interior design expert has warned against going for the ‘sparkly aesthetic’ this Christmas, as tinsel and plastic baubles are ‘overdone’ and bad for the environment

With Christmas just over a month away, many of us are starting to dust off our boxes of decorations to bring a touch of festive cheer to our homes.

But if you’re planning on heading out to buy new decorations this year, an interior design expert has suggested steering clear of tinsel and colourful lights – as the most popular themes for Christmas 2021 are sustainability and simplicity.

Rachel Epstein, Interiors Expert and Creative Director of CARME Home, has detailed all the in trends for this year’s festive season, from floral tree decorations to the best winter scents.

The interior expert says “natural” styles are the way forward this year, and has encouraged people to ditch the “sparkly aesthetic” in favour of a stripped back look.

She said: “This year, we’re going to see lots of natural, eco and sustainable materials. If this is your go to choice, try incorporating acorns and dried fruit into your decorating.

“Unfortunately, the black and white, sparkly aesthetic is somewhat overdone. Instead, simplify your interior, go for mainly white decor with very small accents of sparkles.”

Rachel also thinks we should move away from plastic baubles and tinsel to liven up our trees, as this year is all about “floral elements” with baubles made of wood or glass.

She explained: “We’ll see lots more floral elements added to Christmas trees this year as we continue to be inspired by nature.

“Plastic baubles will be replaced with wood and glass and tinsel is another decoration of the past as we turn to soft ribbons instead.

“If you’re hoping to revamp your current decorations rather than purchase new ones, a trick we love to do is to use ribbon to tie together a few small baubles creating little bauble clusters. They’re creative, simple and cost effective.”

According to Rachel, the festive colours for 2021 include dark blue, green, brown, and pink – instead of the timelessly traditional red and green.

She said: “A huge part of any interior design is choosing your colour palette. The traditional Christmas colours of red and green, and more recently gold and silver, will always be favourable. However, Christmas 2021 will see us steer away from the traditional, and colours like dark blue, green, brown and pink will be introduced.”

This year, interior designers are telling people to discard their multi-coloured Christmas lights and to pick up neutral tones instead to great a “cosy touch”.

Rachel said: “Simple lights will reign supreme this year, opt for warmer tones to introduce a cosy touch to your interior.

“Colourful lights are slowly becoming less and less popular each year. However, some softer tone lights such as a blush pink would be favourable depending on the overall aesthetic of the home.”

Scented candles and room diffusers in festive scents can bring a finishing touch to any room in your house, and Rachel says to go for classic Christmas fragrances – including cinnamon, pine, and gingerbread.

She said: “Adding candles, room diffusers or even fresh ingredients to your interior is like the cherry on the top of the cake. Scents help to pull the whole room together and complete your interior.

“Whether you’re a fan of cinnamon, pine, roasted nuts, gingerbread or even mulled wine, including fragrance into your home is the final touch! Try to avoid anything too fruity or fresh, for Christmas it’s all about the luxurious, earthy smells.”