Importance Of Plugins In WordPress Website

Importance Of Plugins In WordPress Website


Studying importance of plugins in wordpress website is really important now.  Due to, the design of any website must be focused towards customer journey, it is necessary to know the value of plugins in a website.

What are plugins?

WordPress plugin is essentially a bit of code that adds new functionality or extends the existing functionality of WordPress website. Besides that, Plugins can make everything from small twist to massive changes to the website for a specific function, some will turn a website into fully functioned sites, Ex- Social & etc.  Also, some do not have front facing effects but improves site performance & etc.

How do Plugins Work?

WordPress plugins are written in the way, so that other developers can add or write their own code to customize it. Even more, the availability of robust hooks and filters in WordPress plugins will allow to modify the existing functionality or add new functionality.

Where to find out plugins

We can find WordPress plugins from different places but it depends on the premium or free one. Because, Premium ones are charged with some amount for the reason that it will have good support and greater functionality as compared to free plugins. Likewise, free plugins can be installed by anyone by downloading without paying any amount, sometimes free plugins support the maximum requirement.

Certainly, WordPress & CodeCanyon are great directory resources for both premium & free plugins and some third-party developers sell plugins through their own websites.

What need to consider before installing WordPress Plugins

Installing WordPress plugins will add third-party code to the site, one needs to be careful about plugins they install

The Wrong plugin could

○ Cause an error in the site
○ May Slow Down Website
○ Introduces malicious code

Importance of Plugins in WordPress Website – For the following reasons, one must include the Plugins for WordPress Site

○ To Speed the blog
○ To Secure the blog
○ Schedule full backups
○ Optimize the blog for search engines
○ Manage teams and editorial process
○ To grow the email list
○ Encourage Social sharing and block Spam comments easily.

Before installing any plugin, one should consider the following aspects of it.

○ Number of downloads
○ Average rating
○ Reviews
○ Support activity
○ Developer details


Hence, having plugins for WordPress website will not make it challenging and before adding we just need to know importance of plugins in wordpress website. Certainly, Plugins will solve a specific problem or that will provide an essential function to the WordPress site. Plugins are effective for an enterprise in terms of developing cost and time. Most importantly, installing so many plugins will lead to conflict with each other, so one needs to be careful while adding plugins to site which one is must and not. Once familiar with basics of the plugins, you’ll be ready to start customizing as per your choice.


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